The Spiders of the Family Symphytognathidae

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1959
Authors:R. R. Forster
Journal:Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand

The status of the families Symphytognathidae, Anapidae, Textricellidae and Micropholcommatidae and the genera Mysmena and Lucharachne is discussed, and it is proposed to group all of these spiders into a single family for which the earliest name is Symphytognathidae. The affinities of the family are discussed, and it is concluded that it was derived from the Argiopidae; and it is suggested that the resemblance which some genera show with the Theridiidae in structure and habits is the result of convergence. The web, where it is known, indicates that the basic structure is an orbweb, but that in a number of species this has been modified to give the appearance of webs typical for the Theridiidae and Linyphiidae. New records are given for a number of previously described species, and two new genera and twenty-eight new species are established. The structure of the respiratory system within the family is discussed, and it is concluded that the different systems represented have at the most generic significance.

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