The male of Tengella perfuga Dahl, 1901 with re-description of the female and comparisons with T. radiata (Kulczynski, 1909) (Araneae: Tengellidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2013
Authors:M. Leister, Mallis, R., Miller, K.
Keywords:Central America, cribellate, lectotype, palp morphology, taxonomy

Tengella perfuga Dahl, 1901, is the type species for Tengella, the type genus for the family Tengellidae Dahl, 1908. Here, the males are described for the first time and females re-described based on new specimens collected in Nicaragua. We confirm the species status of T. perfuga (instead of previously suggested synonymy with Tengella radiata (Kulczynski, 1909)), since the colour pattern and genitalia of both sexes, particularly the palp RTA and the epigynal median septum, are unique in the genus. Important diagnostic features are illustrated for both males and females. Also new distribution records are reported for T. perfuga from Nicaragua and T. radiata from Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.

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