Biologia Centrali-Americana

Publication Type:Book Chapter
Year of Publication:1899
Authors:F. O. Pickard-Cambridge
Editor:F. D. Godman, Salvin O.
Book Title:Arachnida - Araneida and Opiliones
Volume:Arachnida 2
Publisher:Published for the editors by R. H. Porter
Taxonomic name: 
Arachnida (Taxonomy), Araneae (Taxonomy), Caponiidae (Taxonomy), Caponina (Taxonomy), Caponina sargi (Taxonomy), Corinnidae (Taxonomy), Abapeba (Taxonomy), Castianeira (Taxonomy), Castianeira dubia (Taxonomy), Castianeira venusta (Taxonomy), Corinna (Taxonomy), Corinna bulbosa (Taxonomy), Corinna bulbula (Taxonomy), Corinna spinifera (Taxonomy), Corinna variegata (Taxonomy), Creugas gulosus (Taxonomy), Creugas mucronatus (Taxonomy), Mazax (Taxonomy), Mazax spinosa (Taxonomy), Megalostrata (Taxonomy), Megalostrata raptor (Taxonomy), Myrmecotypus (Taxonomy), Myrmecotypus pilosus (Taxonomy), Septentrinna (Taxonomy), Septentrinna paradoxa (Taxonomy), Septentrinna retusa (Taxonomy), Simonestus (Taxonomy), Simonestus semiluna (Taxonomy), Gnaphosidae (Taxonomy), Apodrassodes (Taxonomy), Apodrassodes guatemalensis (Taxonomy), Cesonia (Taxonomy), Cesonia lugubris (Taxonomy), Gnaphosa (Taxonomy), Gnaphosa sericata (Taxonomy), Urozelotes (Taxonomy), Urozelotes rusticus (Taxonomy), Oonopidae (Taxonomy), Costarina (Taxonomy), Costarina plena (Taxonomy), Trachelidae (Taxonomy), Trachelas bispinosus (Taxonomy), Trachelas bulbosus (Taxonomy), Trachelas similis (Taxonomy), Trachelas spinulatus (Taxonomy), Trachelas transversus (Taxonomy), Filistatidae (Taxonomy), Filistatoides (Taxonomy), Filistatoides insignis (Taxonomy), Kukulcania hibernalis (Taxonomy), Sicariidae (Taxonomy), Sicarius rugosus (Taxonomy), Loxosceles (Taxonomy), Loxosceles rufipes (Taxonomy), Scytodidae (Taxonomy), Scytodes (Taxonomy), Scytodes fusca (Taxonomy), Scytodes longipes (Taxonomy), Scytodes championi (Taxonomy), Theraphosidae (Taxonomy), Davus (Taxonomy), Davus fasciatus (Taxonomy), Zodariidae (Taxonomy), Tenedos (Taxonomy), Tenedos lautus (Taxonomy)
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