Biologia Centrali-Americana

Publication Type:Book Chapter
Year of Publication:1896
Authors:Pickard-Cambridge, O
Editor:Godman, D, Salvin, O
Book Title:Arachnida. Araneida
Volume:Arachnida 1
Publisher:Published for the editors by R. H. Porter
Taxonomic name: 
Arachnida (Taxonomy), Araneae (Taxonomy), Theridiidae (Taxonomy), Pholcidae (Taxonomy), Anyphaenidae (Taxonomy), Philodromidae (Taxonomy), Uloboridae (Taxonomy), Clubionidae (Taxonomy), Theridiosomatidae (Taxonomy), Filistatidae (Taxonomy), Linyphiidae (Taxonomy), Titanoecidae (Taxonomy), Trechaleidae (Taxonomy), Dictynidae (Taxonomy), Thomisidae (Taxonomy), Zoropsidae (Taxonomy), Anyphaena judicata (Taxonomy), Anyphaena simplex (Taxonomy), Anyphaena subgibba (Taxonomy), Anyphaenoides placens (Taxonomy), Ariston albicans (Taxonomy), Castianeira venusta (Taxonomy), Ceratinopsis munda (Taxonomy), Anyphaena (Taxonomy), Cesonia lugubris (Taxonomy), Chrosiothes silvaticus (Taxonomy), Chrysometa alboguttata (Taxonomy), Chrysso cambridgei (Taxonomy), Costarina plena (Taxonomy), Cryptachaea oblivia (Taxonomy), Cryptachaea rostrata (Taxonomy), Cylistella adjacens (Taxonomy), Cyrtognatha bella (Taxonomy), Cyrtognatha pachygnathoides (Taxonomy), Dipoena crocea (Taxonomy), Edricus (Taxonomy), Elaver simplex (Taxonomy), Epeirotypus brevipes (Taxonomy), Epilineutes globosus (Taxonomy), Faiditus americanus (Taxonomy), Faiditus globosus (Taxonomy), Filistatoides insignis (Taxonomy), Hentziectypus florens (Taxonomy), Hesydrus habilis (Taxonomy), Josa laeta (Taxonomy), Leucauge moerens (Taxonomy), Lupettiana mordax (Taxonomy), Mecaphesa prosper (Taxonomy), Metabus debilis (Taxonomy), Neopisinus bigibbosus (Taxonomy), Hoffmannilena nova (Taxonomy), Agelenidae (Taxonomy), Opas lugens (Taxonomy), Parasynema cirripes (Taxonomy), Patrera puta (Taxonomy), Phantyna mandibularis (Taxonomy), Rhomphaea projiciens (Taxonomy), Selenyphantes longispinosus (Taxonomy), Senoculus prolatus (Taxonomy), Senoculidae (Taxonomy), Spintharus flavidus (Taxonomy), Steatoda ancorata (Taxonomy), Steatoda moesta (Taxonomy), Steatoda quadrimaculata (Taxonomy), Stemmops bicolor (Taxonomy), Synemosyna decipiens (Taxonomy), Teudis geminus (Taxonomy), Theridion adjacens (Taxonomy), Theridion excavatum (Taxonomy), Theridion incomtum (Taxonomy), Theridula gonygaster (Taxonomy), Thwaitesia affinis (Taxonomy), Tidarren mixtum (Taxonomy), Thwaitesia (Taxonomy), Trechalea extensa (Taxonomy), Wulfila tantillus (Taxonomy), Xysticus facetus (Taxonomy), Zygoballus rufipes (Taxonomy), Anelosimus jucundus (Taxonomy), Carepalxis (Taxonomy), Carepalxis salobrensis (Taxonomy)
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