Revision of the Neotropical arboreal spider genus Syntrechalea (Araneae, Lycosoidea, Trechaleidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2008
Authors:J. E. Carico
Journal:Journal of Arachnology
Keywords:new species, Pisauridae, taxonomy

The spider genus Syntrechalea is redefined and revised with a total of seven species recognized. The previously described species S. tenuis F.O. Pickard-Cambridge 1902 and S. reimoseri Caporiacco 1947 are redefined. Syntrechalea porschi Reimoser 1939 is a new junior synonym of S. tenuis. Trechalea syntrechaleoides Mello-Leita\~{}o 1941 is transferred to the genus Syntrechalea. The males of S. tenuis and S. syntrechaleoides are described for the first time. A lectotype is designated for Syntrechalea reimoseri (Caporiacco 1947). Three new species, S. adis, S. caporiacco, and S. brasilia, are described from both males and females. The new species S. caballero is described from only the female, and S. napoensis is described from only the male. The arboreal nature of the genus is emphasized and discussed.

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