American spiders and their spinningwork

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:1894
Authors:McCook, HC
Number of Pages:285
Taxonomic name: 
Araneae (Taxonomy), Araneidae (Taxonomy), Acacesia hamata (Taxonomy), Acanthepeira (Taxonomy), Acanthepeira stellata (Taxonomy), Aculepeira (Taxonomy), Allocyclosa (Taxonomy), Allocyclosa bifurca (Taxonomy), Araneus (Taxonomy), Araneus detrimentosus (Taxonomy), Araneus pegnia (Taxonomy), Argiope (Taxonomy), Argiope argentata (Taxonomy), Argiope aurantia (Taxonomy), Argiope trifasciata (Taxonomy), Cyclosa (Taxonomy), Cyclosa caroli (Taxonomy), Cyclosa turbinata (Taxonomy), Cyrtophora (Taxonomy), Dolichognatha (Taxonomy), Dolichognatha pentagona (Taxonomy), Eriophora (Taxonomy), Eriophora nephiloides (Taxonomy), Eriophora ravilla (Taxonomy), Eustala (Taxonomy), Eustala anastera (Taxonomy), Eustala fuscovittata (Taxonomy), Gasteracantha (Taxonomy), Gasteracantha cancriformis (Taxonomy), Gea (Taxonomy), Gea heptagon (Taxonomy), Glenognatha (Taxonomy), Glenognatha foxi (Taxonomy), Larinia (Taxonomy), Larinia directa (Taxonomy), Leucauge (Taxonomy), Leucauge argyra (Taxonomy), Leucauge venusta (Taxonomy), Mangora (Taxonomy), Mecynogea (Taxonomy), Mecynogea lemniscata (Taxonomy), Metazygia (Taxonomy), Metepeira (Taxonomy), Micrathena (Taxonomy), Micrathena gracilis (Taxonomy), Micrathena mitrata (Taxonomy), Micrathena sagittata (Taxonomy), Neoscona (Taxonomy), Neoscona arabesca (Taxonomy), Neoscona oaxacensis (Taxonomy), Nephila (Taxonomy), Nephila clavipes (Taxonomy), Verrucosa (Taxonomy), Verrucosa arenata (Taxonomy), Wagneriana (Taxonomy), Wagneriana tauricornis (Taxonomy), Uloborus (Taxonomy), Zosis (Taxonomy), Zosis geniculata (Taxonomy), Cyclosa walckenaeri (Taxonomy)
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