The goblin spider genus Oonopoides in North and Central America (Araneae, Oonopidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2013
Authors:N. I. Platnick, Berniker L.
Journal:American Museum Novitates

The goblin spider genus Oonopoides Bryant was established for a species from Cuba, Oonopoides maxillaris Bryant, and most of the species that have subsequently been assigned to the genus are from that island. The group is actually circum-Caribbean in distribution, but many of its members have been misplaced in the genus Oonops Templeton; here we treat those representatives of the genus that have been collected in North and Central America. Six specific names are transferred from Oonops to Oonopoides: O. endicus Chickering from Florida and the Bahama Islands, O. secretus Gertsch from Texas and Tamaulipas, O mitchelli Gertsch from Mexico, and O. pallidulus (Chickering), O. tenebus Chickering, and O. anoxus Chickering from Panama. Males of O. zullinii Brignoli from Mexico and females of O. secretus are described for the first time; O. tenebus is placed as the male, and hence a junior synonym, of O. pallidulus. The holotype of Oonops zeteki Chickering from Panama is a juvenile that probably belongs to Costarina Platnick and Dupérré and the name is placed as a nomen dubium. Eight new species are described: O. iviei from Florida and the Bahama Islands, O. catemaco, O. chicanna, and O. kaplanae from Mexico, O. hondo from Honduras, O. cristo and O. upala from Costa Rica, and O. cartago from Costa Rica and Panama.

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