Figures 183–188.Habitats and natural history of some Selenops species 183 Selenops bifurcatus Banks on a rock, Zacatan, Guatemala. Note the dorsoventrally flattened habitus 184 Selenops bifurcatus Banks showing the very large PLE 185 Selenops lindborgi Petrunkevitch adult male on Bursera simaruba St. John, United States Virgin Islands. Note the leg annulations 186 Selenops lindborgi Petrunkevitch adult female making several egg sacs under the bark of a tamarind tree, Nevis. Selenops lindborgi makes several egg sacs and does not guard the egg sac, unlike most other species of Selenops 187 Selenops petrunkevitchi Alayón-García on a eucalyptus tree, Whitfield Hall, Blue Mountains, Jamaica. Note the striped legs and the festoon pattern at the terminus of the abdomen 188 The egg sac of Selenops wilmotorum sp. n. from Hellshire Hills, Jamaica. The egg sac contained a few yellow dried out eggs and a pseudoscorpion.
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