Paecilaema chiriquiense

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Paecilaema chiriquiense

Hembra adulta de P. chiriquiense, vista dorsal. Costa Rica.

Female adult of P. chiriquiense, dorsal view. Costa Rica.

Photographer: Viquez, Carlos. Publisher: Viquez, Carlos.

Note - An endemic species from Costa Rica and Panamá. Expect this specimen from collections given in Walker & Townsend, 2015 who report female from "Rainmaker, Costa Rica, July 2010", Elsewhere Proud 2010 reports "COSTA RICA: Puntarenas province: Rainmaker Conservation Project (9.5269°N, -84.1556°W), 28 July 2010, D. Proud, V. Townsend, C. Víquez & A. Silós, collected by hand from ground layer vegetation at night in Pacific lowland wet forest, 1 male; La Alturas (8.947819°N, -82.839317°W), 30–31 July 2010"

Viquez, Carlos
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