Spiders of Panama: Biogeography, investigation, phenology, check list, key and bibliography of a tropical spider fauna

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:1993
Authors:W. Nentwig
Number of Pages:vi + 274 pp.
Publisher:Sandhill Crane Press
City:Gainesville, Florida
Taxonomic name: 
Araneae (Taxonomy), Anapidae (Taxonomy), Pseudanapis (Taxonomy), Pseudanapis gertschi (Taxonomy), Tetragnathidae (Taxonomy), Azilia (Taxonomy), Azilia guatemalensis (Taxonomy), Chrysometa (Taxonomy), Chrysometa alboguttata (Taxonomy), Chrysometa boquete (Taxonomy), Chrysometa flava (Taxonomy), Chrysometa poas (Taxonomy), Chrysometa universitaria (Taxonomy), Chrysometa zelotypa (Taxonomy), Cyrtognatha (Taxonomy), Glenognatha globosa (Taxonomy), Cyrtognatha lepida (Taxonomy), Cyrtognatha pachygnathoides (Taxonomy), Dolichognatha (Taxonomy), Dolichognatha quadrituberculata (Taxonomy), Dolichognatha pentagona (Taxonomy), Dolichognatha spinosa (Taxonomy), Glenognatha (Taxonomy), Glenognatha foxi (Taxonomy), Homalometa (Taxonomy), Homalometa chiriqui (Taxonomy), Homalometa nigritarsis (Taxonomy), Leucauge (Taxonomy), Leucauge acuminata (Taxonomy), Leucauge argyra (Taxonomy), Leucauge aurostriata (Taxonomy), Leucauge curta (Taxonomy), Leucauge gemminipunctata (Taxonomy), Leucauge idonea (Taxonomy), Leucauge moerens (Taxonomy), Leucauge mariana (Taxonomy), Leucauge saphes (Taxonomy), Leucauge simplex (Taxonomy), Leucauge synthetica (Taxonomy), Leucauge venusta (Taxonomy), Leucauge globosa (Taxonomy), Metabus (Taxonomy), Metabus ocellatus (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha caudata (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha cognata (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha fragilis (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha gertschi (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha guatemalensis (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha laboriosa (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha mabelae (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha mexicana (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha nitens (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha pallescens (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha pallida (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha sinuosa (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha tenuis (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha tenuissima (Taxonomy), Leucauge lugens (Taxonomy), Nephilidae (Taxonomy), Trichonephila (Taxonomy), Trichonephila clavipes (Taxonomy), Uloboridae (Taxonomy), Ariston (Taxonomy), Ariston albicans (Taxonomy), Ariston aristus (Taxonomy), Miagrammopes (Taxonomy), Miagrammopes alboguttatus (Taxonomy), Miagrammopes aspinatus (Taxonomy), Miagrammopes intempus (Taxonomy), Miagrammopes larundus (Taxonomy), Miagrammopes licinus (Taxonomy), Miagrammopes simus (Taxonomy), Miagrammopes unipus (Taxonomy), Philoponella (Taxonomy), Philoponella republicana (Taxonomy), Philoponella semiplumosa (Taxonomy), Philoponella signatella (Taxonomy), Philoponella tingens (Taxonomy), Philoponella vicina (Taxonomy), Philoponella vittata (Taxonomy), Uloborus (Taxonomy), Uloborus campestratus (Taxonomy), Medionops simla (Taxonomy), Pardosa fastosa (Taxonomy), Eriophora (Taxonomy), Eriophora edax (Taxonomy), Eriophora fuliginea (Taxonomy), Eriophora nephiloides (Taxonomy), Eriophora ravilla (Taxonomy), Eustala bifida (Taxonomy), Lygromma (Taxonomy), Lygromma volcan (Taxonomy), Gea (Taxonomy), Gea heptagon (Taxonomy)
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