Opiliones of the family Phalangodidae found in Costa Rica

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1983
Authors:C. J. Goodnight, Goodnight M. L.
Journal:Journal of Arachnology

Members of the opiliones family, Phalangodidae, found in Costa Rica are considered here. Previously described species were examined. Two new genera, Costabrimma and Neocynorta are defined. Species described include: Costabrimma cruzensis, n. sp., C. nicoyensis, n. sp., C. terrena, n. sp.; Dapessus tarsalis (Banks), D. albitrochanteris (Roewer), D. atroluteus (Roewer), D. brevis (Roewer) , D. foliatus, n. sp ., D. gracilipes (Roewer), D. llorensis, n. sp., D. parallelus (Goodnight and Goodnight), D. tenuis (Roewer), D. trochantericus (Roewer), D. vitensis, n. sp., D. zalmoxiformis (Roewer) ; Neocynortina dixoni, n. sp., Pachylicus rugosus (Banks), P. cotoensis, n. sp ., P. foveolatus, n. sp ., P . hirsutus Roewer, P. hispidus, n. sp., P. spinatus, n.sp. ;Panopiliops reimoseri (Roewer), P. inops, n. sp .; Phalangoduna granosa Roewer; Stygnoleptes analis Banks; Stygnomma fuhrmanni Roewer and Pellobunus insularis Banks. All species with the exception of Pellobunus insularis are members of the subfamily Phalangodinae; P. insularis is regarded as a member of the subfamily Samoninae. All species are illustrated; keys are provided for the identification of males to most genera.

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