The Salticidae (spiders) of Panama

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1946
Authors:A. M. Chickering
Journal:Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College
Taxonomic name: 
Araneae (Taxonomy), Salticidae (Taxonomy), Zygoballus (Taxonomy), Phiale (Taxonomy), Nycerella delecta (Taxonomy), Nycerella decorata (Taxonomy), Leptofreya bifurcata (Taxonomy), Freya (Taxonomy), Cylistella (Taxonomy), Corythalia spiralis (Taxonomy), Corythalia pulchra (Taxonomy), Corythalia panamana (Taxonomy), Corythalia bicincta (Taxonomy), Corythalia (Taxonomy), Chapoda (Taxonomy), Breda milvina (Taxonomy), Breda (Taxonomy), Beata (Taxonomy), Acragas fallax (Taxonomy), Habronattus paratus (Taxonomy), Parnaenus (Taxonomy), Peckhamia (Taxonomy), Peckhamia prescotti (Taxonomy), Sarinda (Taxonomy), Anasaitis canalis (Taxonomy), Lyssomanes elegans (Taxonomy), Cobanus extensa (Taxonomy), Chinoscopus flavus (Taxonomy), Peckhamia variegata (Taxonomy), Sarinda armata (Taxonomy), Platycryptus magnus (Taxonomy), Phiale pallida (Taxonomy), Phiale bulbosa (Taxonomy), Parnaenus cyanidens (Taxonomy), Pachomius dybowskii (Taxonomy), Metaphidippus laetabilis (Taxonomy), Metacyrba punctata (Taxonomy), Habronattus (Taxonomy), Gastromicans levispina (Taxonomy), Xanthofreya albosignata (Taxonomy), Cylistella scarabaeoides (Taxonomy), Cotinusa (Taxonomy), Corythalia parvula (Taxonomy), Chira trivittata (Taxonomy), Cheliferoides (Taxonomy), Balmaceda picta (Taxonomy), Balmaceda (Taxonomy), Ashtabula dentata (Taxonomy), Ashtabula (Taxonomy), Akela charlottae (Taxonomy), Beata maccuni (Taxonomy), Carabella insignis (Taxonomy), Chinoscopus (Taxonomy), Corythalia obsoleta (Taxonomy), Eustiromastix frontalis (Taxonomy), Freya justina (Taxonomy), Itata completa (Taxonomy), Jollas (Taxonomy), Lyssomanes consimilis (Taxonomy), Zuniga magna (Taxonomy), Zygoballus incertus (Taxonomy), Metaphidippus laetificus (Taxonomy), Hypaeus benignus (Taxonomy), Chira (Taxonomy), Ashtabula montana (Taxonomy), Albionella propria (Taxonomy), Albionella (Taxonomy), Chirothecia (Taxonomy), Zygoballus optatus (Taxonomy), Uluella formosa (Taxonomy), Uluella (Taxonomy), Toloella eximia (Taxonomy), Toloella (Taxonomy), Titanattus cretatus (Taxonomy), Titanattus paganus (Taxonomy), Titanattus (Taxonomy), Simprulla nigricolor (Taxonomy), Sebastira plana (Taxonomy), Sebastira (Taxonomy), Scopocira (Taxonomy), Sarinda silvatica (Taxonomy), Pachomius ministerialis (Taxonomy), Psecas euoplus (Taxonomy), Zygoballus electus (Taxonomy), Psecas (Taxonomy), Phiale guttata (Taxonomy), Parafluda banksi (Taxonomy), Parafluda (Taxonomy), Pachomius bilobatus (Taxonomy), Orvilleus crassus (Taxonomy), Orvilleus (Taxonomy), Nycerella donaldi (Taxonomy), Monaga benigna (Taxonomy), Monaga (Taxonomy), Metaphidippus perscitus (Taxonomy), Metaphidippus facetus (Taxonomy), Metaphidippus fastosus (Taxonomy), Metacyrba venusta (Taxonomy), Messua laxa (Taxonomy), Messua latior (Taxonomy), Martella furva (Taxonomy), Martella bicavata (Taxonomy), Mabellina prescotti (Taxonomy), Mabellina (Taxonomy), Lyssomanes unicolor (Taxonomy), Lyssomanes parki (Taxonomy), Lyssomanes eatoni (Taxonomy), Lyssomanes bryantae (Taxonomy), Jollas pompatus (Taxonomy), Hentzia parallela (Taxonomy), Freya petrunkevitchi (Taxonomy), Xanthofreya arraijanica (Taxonomy), Eris valida (Taxonomy), Eris perpolita (Taxonomy), Eris perpasta (Taxonomy), Donaldius lucidus (Taxonomy), Donaldius (Taxonomy), Descanso peregrinus (Taxonomy), Descanso insolitus (Taxonomy), Cylistella fulva (Taxonomy), Cotinusa simoni (Taxonomy), Cotinusa bryantae (Taxonomy), Maeota serrapophysis (Taxonomy), Corythalia modesta (Taxonomy), Corythalia clara (Taxonomy), Corythalia bryantae (Taxonomy), Chapoda montana (Taxonomy), Sidusa seclusa (Taxonomy), Sidusa obscura (Taxonomy), Sidusa incurva (Taxonomy), Cobanus electus (Taxonomy), Cobanus cambridgei (Taxonomy), Cobanus bifurcatus (Taxonomy), Cheliferoides planus (Taxonomy), Chapoda panamana (Taxonomy), Carabella banksi (Taxonomy), Bryantella speciosa (Taxonomy), Bryantella smaragda (Taxonomy), Bryantella (Taxonomy), Breda notata (Taxonomy), Bellota modesta (Taxonomy), Beata zeteki (Taxonomy), Beata venusta (Taxonomy), Beata munda (Taxonomy), Banksetosa notata (Taxonomy), Banksetosa dubia (Taxonomy), Banksetosa (Taxonomy), Balmaceda turneri (Taxonomy), Balmaceda reducta (Taxonomy), Balmaceda chickeringi (Taxonomy), Acragas zeteki (Taxonomy), Acragas peckhami (Taxonomy), Zuniga (Taxonomy), Itata (Taxonomy), Descanso (Taxonomy), Carabella (Taxonomy), Frigga crocuta (Taxonomy), Freya prominens (Taxonomy)
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