A hundred new species of American spiders

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1942
Authors:R. V. Chamberlin, Ivie W.
Journal:Bulletin of the University of Utah
Date Published:06/1942

In this paper, we describe a hundred new species of American spiders, most of them from North America, with a few from South America. These are a part of the new species which have been accumulating in the collection of the University of Utah, as well as several from the collections of the Field Museum and the American Museum which were made available for our study. The types are in the University of Utah collection, except where otherwise noted. In addition to the hundred species, one new subfamily, six new genera, five new subgenera, and six new subspecies are named. One known genus, Chorizomma, is reduced to the rank of a subgenus. Included also are some notes 011 known species, with figures and descriptions of some of them. Except in the cases of Metepeira and Linyphantes, no attempt at revisional work is undertaken. In these two genera, all of the species known to us are considered.

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