New spiders from Mexico and Panama

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1936
Authors:R. V. Chamberlin, Ivie W.
Journal:Bulletin of the University of Utah
Taxonomic name: 
Arachnida (Taxonomy), Araneae (Taxonomy), Theraphosidae (Taxonomy), Pisauridae (Taxonomy), Ctenidae (Taxonomy), Faiditus americanus (Taxonomy), Faiditus dracus (Taxonomy), Faiditus (Taxonomy), Theridiidae (Taxonomy), Chrosiothes (Taxonomy), Chrosiothes silvaticus (Taxonomy), Scytodes fusca (Taxonomy), Scytodes (Taxonomy), Scytodidae (Taxonomy), Kapogea cyrtophoroides (Taxonomy), Ctenus (Taxonomy), Salticidae (Taxonomy), Theridion (Taxonomy), Argyrodes (Taxonomy), Phiale (Taxonomy), Leptofreya bifurcata (Taxonomy), Freya (Taxonomy), Corythalia bicincta (Taxonomy), Corythalia (Taxonomy), Oxyopidae (Taxonomy), Lycosidae (Taxonomy), Linyphiidae (Taxonomy), Acacesia tenella (Taxonomy), Acacesia (Taxonomy), Ctenus medius (Taxonomy), Lycosa (Taxonomy), Platycryptus magnus (Taxonomy), Pachomius dybowskii (Taxonomy), Metaphidippus cupreus (Taxonomy), Corythalia obsoleta (Taxonomy), Scopocira (Taxonomy), Psecas euoplus (Taxonomy), Psecas (Taxonomy), Maeota serrapophysis (Taxonomy), Corythalia clara (Taxonomy), Leucauge (Taxonomy), Thaumasia (Taxonomy), Thaumasia heterogyna (Taxonomy), Uloborus (Taxonomy), Miagrammopes (Taxonomy), Uloboridae (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha mexicana (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha (Taxonomy), Oxyopes (Taxonomy), Parawixia (Taxonomy), Micrathena schreibersi (Taxonomy), Micrathena gracilis (Taxonomy), Micrathena (Taxonomy), Mangora melanocephala (Taxonomy), Mangora (Taxonomy), Araneus (Taxonomy), Alpaida truncata (Taxonomy), Alpaida bicornuta (Taxonomy), Colonus pseustes (Taxonomy), Leucauge synthetica (Taxonomy), Leucauge gemminipunctata (Taxonomy), Synotaxus turbinatus (Taxonomy), Corythalia diffusa (Taxonomy), Sidusa erythrocras (Taxonomy), Hamataliwa barroana (Taxonomy), Hogna tivior (Taxonomy), Hogna chickeringi (Taxonomy), Linyphia octopunctata (Taxonomy), Pronous wixoides (Taxonomy), Parawixia nesophila (Taxonomy), Micrathena saccata (Taxonomy), Micrathena clypeata (Taxonomy), Mangora pia (Taxonomy), Araneus venatrix (Taxonomy), Alpaida tuonabo (Taxonomy), Sericopelma embrithes (Taxonomy), Chrysso (Taxonomy), Chrysso diplostica (Taxonomy), Chrysso indicifera (Taxonomy), Chrysso vexabilis (Taxonomy), Faiditus atopus (Taxonomy), Theridion metabolum (Taxonomy), Theridiosoma zygops (Taxonomy), Barrisca (Taxonomy), Barrisca nannella (Taxonomy), Miagrammopes simus (Taxonomy), Philoponella (Taxonomy), Philoponella republicana (Taxonomy), Philoponella tingens (Taxonomy), Alpaida moata (Taxonomy)
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