Spiders of Panama

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1929
Authors:N. Banks
Journal:Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College
Taxonomic name: 
Arachnida (Taxonomy), Araneae (Taxonomy), Salticidae (Taxonomy), Anasaitis canalis (Taxonomy), Chinoscopus flavus (Taxonomy), Metacyrba punctata (Taxonomy), Beata (Taxonomy), Beata maccuni (Taxonomy), Carabella insignis (Taxonomy), Chapoda (Taxonomy), Chapoda peckhami (Taxonomy), Chinoscopus (Taxonomy), Corythalia (Taxonomy), Corythalia obsoleta (Taxonomy), Eustiromastix frontalis (Taxonomy), Fluda (Taxonomy), Fluda princeps (Taxonomy), Freya (Taxonomy), Freya justina (Taxonomy), Itata completa (Taxonomy), Jollas (Taxonomy), Jollas geniculatus (Taxonomy), Lyssomanes (Taxonomy), Lyssomanes consimilis (Taxonomy), Lyssomanes dissimilis (Taxonomy), Zuniga magna (Taxonomy), Zygoballus incertus (Taxonomy), Araneidae (Taxonomy), Metazygia (Taxonomy), Metazygia keyserlingi (Taxonomy), Anyphaenidae (Taxonomy), Hibana similaris (Taxonomy), Wulfila (Taxonomy), Wulfila mandibulatus (Taxonomy), Corinnidae (Taxonomy), Castianeira (Taxonomy), Castianeira cincta (Taxonomy), Castianeira memnonia (Taxonomy), Castianeira similis (Taxonomy), Gnaphosidae (Taxonomy), Gertschosa cincta (Taxonomy), Waunana modesta (Taxonomy), Zimiromus iotus (Taxonomy), Linyphiidae (Taxonomy), Agyneta (Taxonomy), Agyneta plagiata (Taxonomy), Lycosidae (Taxonomy), Allocosa (Taxonomy), Allocosa panamena (Taxonomy), Schizocosa tristani (Taxonomy), Pholcidae (Taxonomy), Modisimus (Taxonomy), Modisimus pulchellus (Taxonomy), Palpimanidae (Taxonomy), Otiothops (Taxonomy), Otiothops macleayi (Taxonomy), Philodromidae (Taxonomy), Philodromus (Taxonomy), Philodromus traviatus (Taxonomy), Sparassidae (Taxonomy), Olios (Taxonomy), Meri formosus (Taxonomy), Sparianthina (Taxonomy), Sparianthina selenopoides (Taxonomy), Uaiuara barroana (Taxonomy), Thomisidae (Taxonomy), Stephanopoides simoni (Taxonomy), Theridiidae (Taxonomy), Coleosoma (Taxonomy), Coleosoma acutiventer (Taxonomy), Emertonella (Taxonomy), Emertonella taczanowskii (Taxonomy), Neopisinus cognatus (Taxonomy), Thymoites caracasanus (Taxonomy), Thymoites indicatus (Taxonomy), Tetragnathidae (Taxonomy), Glenognatha foxi (Taxonomy), Ummidia rugosa (Taxonomy), Ariston (Taxonomy), Ariston albicans (Taxonomy), Ariston aristus (Taxonomy), Micrathena brevipes (Taxonomy), Micrathena furcula (Taxonomy), Micrathena saccata (Taxonomy), Micrathena quadriserrata (Taxonomy), Micrathena schreibersi (Taxonomy), Micrathena sexspinosa (Taxonomy), Micrathena horrida (Taxonomy), Helvibis longistyla (Taxonomy), Eriophora (Taxonomy), Eriophora edax (Taxonomy), Eriophora fuliginea (Taxonomy), Eriophora nephiloides (Taxonomy), Eustala (Taxonomy), Eustala fuscovittata (Taxonomy), Eustala guttata (Taxonomy), Eustala conformans (Taxonomy), Eustala maxima (Taxonomy), Gea (Taxonomy), Gea heptagon (Taxonomy), Pronous (Taxonomy), Pronous intus (Taxonomy), Pronous wixoides (Taxonomy), Metazygia incerta (Taxonomy)
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