Notes on some Costa Rican Arachnida

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1914
Authors:N. Banks
Journal:Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
Taxonomic name: 
Arachnida (Taxonomy), Araneae (Taxonomy), Zimiromus (Taxonomy), Zimiromus tropicalis (Taxonomy), Apodrassodes guatemalensis (Taxonomy), Clubionidae (Taxonomy), Megalostrata raptor (Taxonomy), Anyphaenidae (Taxonomy), Anyphaena (Taxonomy), Anyphaena pretiosa (Taxonomy), Anyphaena furcatella (Taxonomy), Josa nigrifrons (Taxonomy), Patrera puta (Taxonomy), Agelenidae (Taxonomy), Theridiidae (Taxonomy), Theridion (Taxonomy), Theridion biolleyi (Taxonomy), Witica crassicaudus (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha laboriosa (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha nitens (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha guatemalensis (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha mexicana (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha tenuissima (Taxonomy), Leucauge venusta (Taxonomy), Exalbidion dotanum (Taxonomy), Argiope argentata (Taxonomy), Mangora picta (Taxonomy), Micrathena lucasi (Taxonomy), Micrathena duodecimspinosa (Taxonomy), Gasteracantha (Taxonomy), Gasteracantha cancriformis (Taxonomy), Selenops mexicanus (Taxonomy), Ctenidae (Taxonomy), Cupiennius coccineus (Taxonomy), Cupiennius getazi (Taxonomy), Trechalea (Taxonomy), Trechalea extensa (Taxonomy), Tinus (Taxonomy), Tinus nigrinus (Taxonomy), Lycosa (Taxonomy), Hogna brevitarsis (Taxonomy), Pardosa (Taxonomy), Oxyopidae (Taxonomy), Hamataliwa (Taxonomy), Salticidae (Taxonomy), Sidusa (Taxonomy), Cobanus mandibularis (Taxonomy), Corythalia opima (Taxonomy), Opiliones (Taxonomy), Parahernandria (Taxonomy), Parahernandria ventralis (Taxonomy), Cynorta (Taxonomy), Eucynorta biguttata (Taxonomy), Cynorta flavornata (Taxonomy), Eucynorta longispina (Taxonomy), Cynortellana oculata (Taxonomy), Flirtea lateralis (Taxonomy), Stygnoleptes (Taxonomy), Stygnoleptes analis (Taxonomy), Meterginus (Taxonomy), Poecilaemula signata (Taxonomy), Prionostemma biolleyi (Taxonomy), Prionostemma foveolatum (Taxonomy), Pseudoscorpionida (Taxonomy), Cordylochernes scorpioides (Taxonomy), Chelodamus uniformis (Taxonomy), Scorpiones (Taxonomy), Centruroides bicolor (Taxonomy), Centruroides edwardsii (Taxonomy), Solifugae (Taxonomy), Ammotrecha (Taxonomy), Ammotrecha stollii (Taxonomy), Megalostrata (Taxonomy)
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