Arachnida from Costa Rica

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1909
Authors:N. Banks
Journal:Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
Taxonomic name: 
Arachnida (Taxonomy), Araneae (Taxonomy), Agelenidae (Taxonomy), Novalena costata (Taxonomy), Melpomene penetralis (Taxonomy), Araneidae (Taxonomy), Araneus anguinifer (Taxonomy), Araneus microsoma (Taxonomy), Araneus (Taxonomy), Araneus expletus (Taxonomy), Araneus pegnia (Taxonomy), Argiope (Taxonomy), Argiope argentata (Taxonomy), Eriophora (Taxonomy), Eriophora fuliginea (Taxonomy), Eriophora edax (Taxonomy), Eriophora nephiloides (Taxonomy), Eriophora ravilla (Taxonomy), Eustala (Taxonomy), Eustala anastera (Taxonomy), Eustala bifida (Taxonomy), Eustala scutigera (Taxonomy), Micrathena fidelis (Taxonomy), Metazygia (Taxonomy), Metazygia pallidula (Taxonomy), Metazygia incerta (Taxonomy), Neoscona arabesca (Taxonomy), Anyphaenidae (Taxonomy), Hibana (Taxonomy), Hibana bicolor (Taxonomy), Josa (Taxonomy), Josa nigrifrons (Taxonomy), Katissa (Taxonomy), Katissa delicatula (Taxonomy), Katissa elegans (Taxonomy), Ctenidae (Taxonomy), Cupiennius (Taxonomy), Cupiennius foliatus (Taxonomy), Halonoproctidae (Taxonomy), Ummidia (Taxonomy), Ummidia rugosa (Taxonomy), Clubionidae (Taxonomy), Elaver (Taxonomy), Elaver tristani (Taxonomy), Elaver tumivulva (Taxonomy), Corinnidae (Taxonomy), Corinna (Taxonomy), Corinna modesta (Taxonomy), Corinna pictipes (Taxonomy), Cheiracanthiidae (Taxonomy), Cheiracanthium (Taxonomy), Cheiracanthium inclusum (Taxonomy), Strotarchus (Taxonomy), Strotarchus minor (Taxonomy), Gnaphosidae (Taxonomy), Zimiromus (Taxonomy), Zimiromus tropicalis (Taxonomy), Linyphiidae (Taxonomy), Linyphia (Taxonomy), Linyphia bisignata (Taxonomy), Linyphia maculosa (Taxonomy), Linyphia postica (Taxonomy), Salticidae (Taxonomy), Lyssomanes (Taxonomy), Lyssomanes convexus (Taxonomy), Frigga (Taxonomy), Frigga pratensis (Taxonomy), Menemerus (Taxonomy), Menemerus marginalis (Taxonomy), Messua (Taxonomy), Messua octonotata (Taxonomy), Metaphidippus (Taxonomy), Metaphidippus bispinosus (Taxonomy), Metaphidippus comptus (Taxonomy), Metaphidippus globosus (Taxonomy), Metaphidippus lanceolatus (Taxonomy), Metaphidippus pallens (Taxonomy), Metaphidippus quadrinotatus (Taxonomy), Paraphidippus (Taxonomy), Paraphidippus aurantius (Taxonomy), Paraphidippus fartilis (Taxonomy), Paraphidippus incontestus (Taxonomy), Paraphidippus luteus (Taxonomy), Pelegrina (Taxonomy), Pelegrina galathea (Taxonomy), Phiale (Taxonomy), Phiale formosa (Taxonomy), Phiale guttata (Taxonomy), Sarinda (Taxonomy), Sarinda pretiosa (Taxonomy), Sidusa (Taxonomy), Sidusa femoralis (Taxonomy), Sidusa tarsalis (Taxonomy), Selenopidae (Taxonomy), Selenops (Taxonomy), Selenops bifurcatus (Taxonomy), Sparassidae (Taxonomy), Olios (Taxonomy), Nolavia audax (Taxonomy), Olios crassus (Taxonomy), Scytodidae (Taxonomy), Scytodes (Taxonomy), Scytodes intricata (Taxonomy), Lycosidae (Taxonomy), Hogna (Taxonomy), Hogna morosina (Taxonomy), Lycosa (Taxonomy), Lycosa biolleyi (Taxonomy), Lycosa signiventris (Taxonomy), Schizocosa (Taxonomy), Schizocosa tristani (Taxonomy), Sosippus (Taxonomy), Sosippus agalenoides (Taxonomy), Pisauridae (Taxonomy), Tinus (Taxonomy), Tinus nigrinus (Taxonomy), Trachelidae (Taxonomy), Trachelas (Taxonomy), Trachelas transversus (Taxonomy), Trachelas bispinosus (Taxonomy), Trachelas similis (Taxonomy), Tetragnathidae (Taxonomy), Chrysometa (Taxonomy), Chrysometa bella (Taxonomy), Leucauge (Taxonomy), Leucauge acuminata (Taxonomy), Leucauge argyra (Taxonomy), Leucauge fragilis (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha (Taxonomy), Tetragnatha tristani (Taxonomy), Theraphosidae (Taxonomy), Davus (Taxonomy), Davus ruficeps (Taxonomy), Theridiidae (Taxonomy), Achaearanea (Taxonomy), Achaearanea micratula (Taxonomy), Steatoda (Taxonomy), Steatoda quadrimaculata (Taxonomy), Theridion (Taxonomy), Theridion biolleyi (Taxonomy), Tidarren (Taxonomy), Tidarren haemorrhoidale (Taxonomy), Nihonhimea (Taxonomy), Nihonhimea tesselata (Taxonomy), Thomisidae (Taxonomy), Epicadus (Taxonomy), Epicadus granulatus (Taxonomy), Opiliones (Taxonomy), Cosmetidae (Taxonomy), Cynorta (Taxonomy), Cynorta marginalis (Taxonomy), Cynorta posticata (Taxonomy), Cynortula (Taxonomy), Cynortula longipes (Taxonomy), Cynortula pedalis (Taxonomy), Eucynorta (Taxonomy), Eucynorta biguttata (Taxonomy), Eucynorta conigera (Taxonomy), Eucynorta pictipes (Taxonomy), Eucynorta longispina (Taxonomy), Eucynorta bipunctata (Taxonomy), Eucynorta tristani (Taxonomy), Eucynortoides (Taxonomy), Eucynortoides parvula (Taxonomy), Flirtea (Taxonomy), Flirtea lateralis (Taxonomy), Ethobunus (Taxonomy), Ethobunus tarsalis (Taxonomy), Poecilaemula (Taxonomy), Poecilaemula signata (Taxonomy), Paecilaema (Taxonomy), Meterginoides inermis (Taxonomy), Erginulus (Taxonomy), Erginulus subserialis (Taxonomy), Erginulus sinuosus (Taxonomy), Eucynortula (Taxonomy), Eucynortula albipunctata (Taxonomy), Eucynortula lata (Taxonomy), Parahernandria (Taxonomy), Parahernandria spinosa (Taxonomy), Pachylicus rugosus (Taxonomy), Metopilio australis (Taxonomy), Metopilio ornatipes (Taxonomy), Geaya (Taxonomy), Geaya annulipes (Taxonomy), Prionostemma (Taxonomy), Prionostemma biolleyi (Taxonomy), Prionostemma coriaceum (Taxonomy), Prionostemma coxale (Taxonomy), Prionostemma foveolatum (Taxonomy), Prionostemma frontale (Taxonomy), Prionostemma intermedium (Taxonomy), Prionostemma tristani (Taxonomy), Prionostemma laterale (Taxonomy), Solifugae (Taxonomy), Ammotrecha (Taxonomy), Ammotrecha stollii (Taxonomy)
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