Biologia Centrali-Americana

Publication Type:Book Chapter
Year of Publication:1905
Authors:F. O. Pickard-Cambridge
Editor:F. D. Godman, Salvin O.
Book Title:Arachnida - Araneida and Opiliones
Volume:Arachnida 2
Pagination:561–610, pls. 53, 54
Publisher:Published for the editors by R. H. Porter

Note Prionostemma coriaceum mentioned here in Leiobunum coreaceum from Central Mexico, but this species was transferred to Prionostemma coriaceum by Goodnight and Goodnight 1942 based on unjustified material from Barro Colorado Panama - assignment of that material to the Mexican Leiobunum coreaceum is dubious as is this generic transfer.

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