Spiders of the family Attidae from Central America and Mexico

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1896
Authors:G. W. Peckham, Peckham E. G.
Journal:Occasional Papers of the Natural History Society of Wisconsin
Taxonomic name: 
Araneae (Taxonomy), Salticidae (Taxonomy), Nycerella delecta (Taxonomy), Chapoda (Taxonomy), Acragas fallax (Taxonomy), Corythalia conspecta (Taxonomy), Habronattus mexicanus (Taxonomy), Habronattus paratus (Taxonomy), Parnaenus (Taxonomy), Phidippus georgii (Taxonomy), Sidusa (Taxonomy), Lyssomanes remotus (Taxonomy), Lyssomanes reductus (Taxonomy), Lyssomanes patens (Taxonomy), Cobanus mandibularis (Taxonomy), Sidusa flavens (Taxonomy), Cobanus extensa (Taxonomy), Zygoballus rufipes (Taxonomy), Zygoballus remotus (Taxonomy), Zygoballus minutus (Taxonomy), Tulpius hilarus (Taxonomy), Tulpius (Taxonomy), Chapoda recondita (Taxonomy), Salticus austinensis (Taxonomy), Pensacola sylvestris (Taxonomy), Pensacola radians (Taxonomy), Parnaenus cyanidens (Taxonomy), Paraphidippus luteus (Taxonomy), Pachomius dybowskii (Taxonomy), Nycerella sanguinea (Taxonomy), Nagaina incunda (Taxonomy), Nagaina (Taxonomy), Metaphidippus nitidus (Taxonomy), Messua desidiosa (Taxonomy), Messua centralis (Taxonomy), Menemerus bicolor (Taxonomy), Menemerus (Taxonomy), Gastromicans hondurensis (Taxonomy), Xanthofreya rustica (Taxonomy), Freya regia (Taxonomy), Euophrys ysobolii (Taxonomy), Euophrys newtoni (Taxonomy), Euophrys (Taxonomy), Corythalia parvula (Taxonomy), Corythalia alacris (Taxonomy), Chira trivittata (Taxonomy), Chapoda festiva (Taxonomy), Bagheera kiplingi (Taxonomy), Bagheera (Taxonomy), Avitus diolenii (Taxonomy), Avitus (Taxonomy), Akela charlottae (Taxonomy), Akela (Taxonomy), Acragas pacatus (Taxonomy), Acragas hieroglyphicus (Taxonomy), Pachomius (Taxonomy), Nycerella sanguinea subsp. paradoxa (Taxonomy), Metaphidippus laetificus (Taxonomy), Messua (Taxonomy), Hypaeus benignus (Taxonomy), Hasarius bellicosus (Taxonomy), Hasarius (Taxonomy), Eris (Taxonomy), Chira (Taxonomy), Pachomius flavescens (Taxonomy)
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