Key to the Cosmetidae (Arachnida, Opiliones) of Central America, with notes on penis morphology and sexual dimorphisms

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:V. R. Townsend, Víquez, C., VanZandt, P. A., Proud, D. N.
Date Published:09/2010
Type of Article:Scientific, Identification Key
Keywords:Arachnida, Central America, Cosmetidae, Laniatores, Opiliones, taxonomic key

To facilitate identification of harvestmen of the family Cosmetidae in Central America, we developed dichotomous keys that distinguish the 33 known genera and the 133 described species for this region. Couplets are based upon characters found in the literature and examinations of museum specimens. Important characters include the number of tarsomeres on leg I, armature of the dorsal scutum, free tergites and legs, as well as the coloration and relative length of the body and legs. In addition, we provide a summary of sexually dimorphic features and comment on the potential usefulness of penis morphology and coloration as characters for distinguishing taxa.

Taxonomic name: 
Paecilaema (Taxonomy), Meterginus zilchi (Taxonomy), Meterginus tibialis (Taxonomy), Meterginus inermipes (Taxonomy), Meterginus dorsalis (Taxonomy), Meterginus basalis (Taxonomy), Meterginus apicalis (Taxonomy), Meterginus (Taxonomy), Metavonones glaber (Taxonomy), Metavonones bisignatus (Taxonomy), Metavonones (Taxonomy), Reimoserius reimoseri (Taxonomy), Metacynorta gracilipes (Taxonomy), Metacynorta (Taxonomy), Kevonones (Taxonomy), Holovonones compressus (Taxonomy), Holovonones (Taxonomy), Flirtea (Taxonomy), Eupoecilaema panamaense (Taxonomy), Eupoecilaema magnum (Taxonomy), Eupoecilaema (Taxonomy), Eugnidia (Taxonomy), Eucynortula rugipes (Taxonomy), Eucynortula nannocornuta (Taxonomy), Eucynortula multilineata (Taxonomy), Eucynortula bituberculata (Taxonomy), Eucynortula auropicta (Taxonomy), Eucynortula albipunctata (Taxonomy), Eucynortula (Taxonomy), Eucynortoides parvula (Taxonomy), Eucynortoides (Taxonomy), Eucynortella woodi (Taxonomy), Eucynortella sexpunctata (Taxonomy), Eucynortella panamensis (Taxonomy), Eucynortella longa (Taxonomy), Eucynortella annulipes (Taxonomy), Eucynortella (Taxonomy), Eucynorta vidua (Taxonomy), Eucynorta venosa (Taxonomy), Eucynorta unicolor (Taxonomy), Eucynorta tristani (Taxonomy), Eucynorta transversalis (Taxonomy), Eucynorta tenuipes (Taxonomy), Eucynorta schmidti (Taxonomy), Eucynorta reimoseri (Taxonomy), Eucynorta quadripustulata (Taxonomy), Eucynorta puncticulata (Taxonomy), Eucynorta pictipes (Taxonomy), Eucynorta picta (Taxonomy), Eucynorta lutea (Taxonomy), Eucynorta longispina (Taxonomy), Eucynorta interposita (Taxonomy), Eucynorta insularis (Taxonomy), Eucynorta conigera (Taxonomy), Eucynorta bipunctata (Taxonomy), Eucynorta biguttata (Taxonomy), Eucynorta atra (Taxonomy), Eucynorta areolata (Taxonomy), Eucynorta analis (Taxonomy), Eucynorta albipustulata (Taxonomy), Eucynorta (Taxonomy), Erginulus weyerensis (Taxonomy), Erginulus triangularis (Taxonomy), Erginulus subserialis (Taxonomy), Erginulus sinuosus (Taxonomy), Erginulus singularis (Taxonomy), Erginulus simplicipes (Taxonomy), Erginulus serratofemoralis (Taxonomy), Erginulus serratipes (Taxonomy), Erginulus serratifer (Taxonomy), Erginulus rectus (Taxonomy), Erginulus pectiginerus (Taxonomy), Erginulus figuratus (Taxonomy), Erginulus erectispinus (Taxonomy), Erginulus cristatus (Taxonomy), Erginulus crassescens (Taxonomy), Erginulus clavotibialis (Taxonomy), Erginulus clavipes (Taxonomy), Erginulus brevispinosus (Taxonomy), Erginulus biserratus (Taxonomy), Erginulus arcuatus (Taxonomy), Erginulus (Taxonomy), Erginoides tarsalis (Taxonomy), Erginoides punctatus (Taxonomy), Erginoides (Taxonomy), Cynortula zaca (Taxonomy), Cynortula torquata (Taxonomy), Cynortula robusta (Taxonomy), Cynortula punctata (Taxonomy), Cynortula pedalis (Taxonomy), Cynortula longipes (Taxonomy), Cynortula koelpelii (Taxonomy), Cynortula cingulata (Taxonomy), Cynortula brevipes (Taxonomy), Cynortula (Taxonomy), Cynortoperna albornata (Taxonomy), Cynortoperna (Taxonomy), Cynortellana oculata (Taxonomy), Cynortellana (Taxonomy), Cynorta salvadorensis (Taxonomy), Cynorta punctitergum (Taxonomy), Cynorta posticata (Taxonomy), Cynorta pleuralis (Taxonomy), Cynorta marginalis (Taxonomy), Cynorta limona (Taxonomy), Cynorta leucopyga (Taxonomy), Cynorta interjecta (Taxonomy), Cynorta hondurensis (Taxonomy), Cynorta flavornata (Taxonomy), Cynorta discreta (Taxonomy), Cynorta dentipes (Taxonomy), Cynorta coxalis (Taxonomy), Cynorta columbiana (Taxonomy), Cynorta circumbrosa (Taxonomy), Cynorta casita (Taxonomy), Cynorta bromeliacia (Taxonomy), Cynorta bifurcata (Taxonomy), Cynorta astora (Taxonomy), Cynorta annulata (Taxonomy), Cynorta (Taxonomy), Cosmetus pulcher (Taxonomy), Cosmetus (Taxonomy), Boneta pulchra (Taxonomy), Boneta (Taxonomy), Bokwina sandersoni (Taxonomy), Bokwina (Taxonomy), Acromares vittatum (Taxonomy), Acromares (Taxonomy), Cosmetidae (Taxonomy), Opiliones (Taxonomy), Paecilaema bifurca (Taxonomy), Paecilaema chiriquiense (Taxonomy), Paecilaema eutypum (Taxonomy), Paecilaema forcipatum (Taxonomy), Paecilaema gigas (Taxonomy), Soaresella gracilis (Taxonomy), Meterginoides inermis (Taxonomy), Paecilaema limbatum (Taxonomy), Pararhauculus lineatus (Taxonomy), Paecilaema pectiginerum (Taxonomy), Paecilaema toledense (Taxonomy), Paecilaema variegatum (Taxonomy), Paecilaemana (Taxonomy), Paecilaemana reimoseri (Taxonomy), Paracynorta (Taxonomy), Paracynorta confluens (Taxonomy), Paravonones (Taxonomy), Paravonones simplicipes (Taxonomy), Poecilaemula (Taxonomy), Poecilaemula signata (Taxonomy), Reimoserius (Taxonomy), Reimoserius albipictus (Taxonomy), Tajumulcia (Taxonomy), Tajumulcia plana (Taxonomy), Holovonones pilosus (Taxonomy), Vononesta (Taxonomy), Vononula (Taxonomy), Vononula singularis (Taxonomy), Arachnida (Taxonomy)
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