Die Spinnen Amerikas. Epeiridae

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:1892
Authors:E. G. Keyserling
Number of Pages:1-208 plus covers and plates
Publisher:von Bauer & Raspe (E. Kuster)
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Taxonomic name: 
Arachnida (Taxonomy), Araneae (Taxonomy), Araneidae (Taxonomy), Aculepeira aculifera (Taxonomy), Alpaida championi (Taxonomy), Alpaida graphica (Taxonomy), Alpaida septemmammata (Taxonomy), Alpaida trispinosa (Taxonomy), Araneus (Taxonomy), Araneus detrimentosus (Taxonomy), Araneus guttatus (Taxonomy), Araneus habilis (Taxonomy), Araneus lineatipes (Taxonomy), Araneus pegnia (Taxonomy), Araneus rufipes (Taxonomy), Araneus venatrix (Taxonomy), Carepalxis (Taxonomy), Carepalxis salobrensis (Taxonomy), Cyclosa bifurcata (Taxonomy), Cyclosa turbinata (Taxonomy), Cyclosa walckenaeri (Taxonomy), Edricus (Taxonomy), Edricus spiniger (Taxonomy), Enacrosoma decemtuberculatum (Taxonomy), Eriophora ravilla (Taxonomy), Eustala anastera (Taxonomy), Eustala clavispina (Taxonomy), Eustala fragilis (Taxonomy), Eustala latebricola (Taxonomy), Eustala vegeta (Taxonomy), Gea (Taxonomy), Gea heptagon (Taxonomy), Kaira (Taxonomy), Kaira altiventer (Taxonomy), Kaira gibberosa (Taxonomy), Mastophora cornigera (Taxonomy), Metazygia dubia (Taxonomy), Metazygia gregalis (Taxonomy), Metazygia incerta (Taxonomy), Metazygia laticeps (Taxonomy), Metazygia pallidula (Taxonomy), Micrathena brevipes (Taxonomy), Micrathena brevispina (Taxonomy), Micrathena crassa (Taxonomy), Micrathena duodecimspinosa (Taxonomy), Micrathena flaveola (Taxonomy), Micrathena furcula (Taxonomy), Micrathena horrida (Taxonomy), Micrathena lucasi (Taxonomy), Micrathena parallela (Taxonomy), Micrathena sexspinosa (Taxonomy), Neoscona arabesca (Taxonomy), Neoscona nautica (Taxonomy), Ocrepeira rufa (Taxonomy), Parawixia destricta (Taxonomy), Parawixia guatemalensis (Taxonomy), Parawixia hoxaea (Taxonomy), Parawixia hypocrita (Taxonomy), Parawixia rigida (Taxonomy), Parawixia rimosa (Taxonomy), Scoloderus cordatus (Taxonomy), Scoloderus tuberculifer (Taxonomy), Spilasma duodecimguttata (Taxonomy), Verrucosa arenata (Taxonomy), Verrucosa reticulata (Taxonomy), Verrucosa undecimvariolata (Taxonomy), Metepeira incrassata (Taxonomy), Gasteracantha (Taxonomy), Gasteracantha cancriformis (Taxonomy)
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