Studies of the phlangid fauna of Central America

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1947
Authors:C. J. Goodnight, Goodnight M. L.
Journal:American Museum Novitates

As a result of receiving several new collections, the writers have been able to continue their studies on the taxonomic and distributional problems of the Central American phalangids. In the study of these collections, the material from Central America at the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, was consulted. Here the authors were enabled to study various types through the kindness of Mr. Nathan Banks. Dr. Alexander Petrunkevitch of Yale University generously allowed the authors to study his collection of Central American phalangids. Types redescribed from these two collections are acknowledged in this paper. The new species described below were collected mainly by Dr. and Mrs. Charles D.Michener with the assistance of Dr. Edson H. Fichter. All holotypes of new species are deposited in the collection of the American Museum of Natural History.

Taxonomic name: 
Arachnida (Taxonomy), Opiliones (Taxonomy), Pachylicus gracilis (Taxonomy), Pellobunus insularis (Taxonomy), Stygnoleptes (Taxonomy), Stygnoleptes analis (Taxonomy), Cosmetidae (Taxonomy), Cosmetus (Taxonomy), Cosmetus pulcher (Taxonomy), Cynorta (Taxonomy), Cynorta flavornata (Taxonomy), Cynorta pleuralis (Taxonomy), Cynortula pedalis (Taxonomy), Cynortellana (Taxonomy), Cynortellana oculata (Taxonomy), Eucynorta (Taxonomy), Eucynorta insularis (Taxonomy), Eucynortella (Taxonomy), Eucynortella panamensis (Taxonomy), Eucynortoides (Taxonomy), Eucynortoides parvula (Taxonomy), Eucynortula (Taxonomy), Eucynortula nannocornuta (Taxonomy), Eupoecilaema panamaense (Taxonomy), Eupoecilaema (Taxonomy), Flirtea (Taxonomy), Flirtea lateralis (Taxonomy), Flirtea picta (Taxonomy), Meterginoides inermis (Taxonomy), Paecilaema eutypum (Taxonomy), Paecilaemana (Taxonomy), Paecilaemana quadripunctata (Taxonomy), Paracynorta (Taxonomy), Paracynorta confluens (Taxonomy), Soaresella gracilis (Taxonomy), Barrona (Taxonomy), Barrona williamsi (Taxonomy), Phareicranaus ornatus (Taxonomy), Quindina albomarginis (Taxonomy), Glysterus (Taxonomy), Glysterus scutatus (Taxonomy), Parahernandria (Taxonomy), Parahernandria spinosa (Taxonomy), Parahernandria ventralis (Taxonomy), Nesopachylus (Taxonomy), Nesopachylus monoceros (Taxonomy), Hernandarioides (Taxonomy), Hernandarioides plana (Taxonomy), Sclerosomatidae (Taxonomy), Geaya (Taxonomy), Geaya annulipes (Taxonomy), Prionostemma (Taxonomy), Prionostemma fichteri (Taxonomy), Prionostemma fuscomaculatum (Taxonomy)
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