Cladistic analysis of the family Nomoclastidae with descriptions of a new genus and eight new species (Opiliones, Laniatores)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2017
Authors:R. Pinto-da-Rocha, Bragagnolo C.
Journal:Invertebrate systematics

The family Nomoclastidae is revised and, based on a cladistic analysis, Callcosma Roewer, 1932 is transferred to the family from Cranaidae. The monotypic genus Napostygnus Roewer, 1929, hitherto considered incertae sedis, is also assigned to Nomoclastidae. Zygopachylus Chamberlin, 1925 and Poassa Roewer, 1943 are synonymised under Quindina Roewer, 1914, consequently creating the new combinations Quindina limbata (Roewer, 1914) and Quindina albomarginis (Chamberlin, 1925). The new combination Quindina marginata (Roewer, 1963), comb. nov. is proposed, as the type-species of Deriacrus, D. simoni Roewer, 1932, is not congeneric with Deriacrus marginatus Roewer, 1963 and has the synapomorphies of Quindina, such as a row of large rounded tubercles on the lateral margin and enlarged tubercles on the dorsal scutum. A new genus and species are proposed, Kichua rheimsae, sp. nov., from Ecuador (type locality: Ecuador, Napo, Cantón Quijos, Parroquira Cozanga, Yanayacu Research Station). In addition, seven new species are herein described: Callcosma abrapatricia, sp. nov. (type locality: Peru, Moyobamba, Abra Patricia Private Conservation Area); Callcosma cofan, sp. nov. (type locality: Ecuador, Sucumbíos, Cabanas Cuyabeno); Callcosma barasana, sp. nov. (type locality: Colombia, Vaupés, Tararira, Estacción Biológica da Caparu); Quindina albiocularia, sp. nov. (type locality: Panama, Coclé, Valle de Antón); Quindina burbayar, sp. nov. (type locality: Panama, Reserva Natural Privada Burbayar); Quindina kuna, sp. nov. (type locality: Panama, Darién, Chucantí); and Quindina morae, sp. nov. (type locality: Panama, Gamboa, Sendero del Oleoducto).

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