The spider genera Achaearanea, Theridion and Sphyrotinus from Mexico, Central America and the West Indies (Araneae, Theridiidae).

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1959
Authors:H. W. Levi
Journal:Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology
Taxonomic name: 
Arachnida (Taxonomy), Araneae (Taxonomy), Theridiidae (Taxonomy), Achaearanea (Taxonomy), Achaearanea machaera (Taxonomy), Achaearanea maricaoensis (Taxonomy), Ameridion (Taxonomy), Ameridion aspersum (Taxonomy), Ameridion cobanum (Taxonomy), Ameridion lathropi (Taxonomy), Ameridion marvum (Taxonomy), Ameridion musawas (Taxonomy), Ameridion panum (Taxonomy), Ameridion petrum (Taxonomy), Ameridion plantatum (Taxonomy), Ameridion progum (Taxonomy), Ameridion quantum (Taxonomy), Ameridion reservum (Taxonomy), Ameridion schmidti (Taxonomy), Ameridion signaculum (Taxonomy), Ameridion signum (Taxonomy), Ameridion tempum (Taxonomy), Ameridion unanimum (Taxonomy), Chrosiothes (Taxonomy), Chrosiothes silvaticus (Taxonomy), Cryptachaea (Taxonomy), Cryptachaea hirta (Taxonomy), Cryptachaea oblivia (Taxonomy), Cryptachaea porteri (Taxonomy), Cryptachaea rostrata (Taxonomy), Cryptachaea schneirlai (Taxonomy), Cryptachaea schraderorum (Taxonomy), Cryptachaea taeniata (Taxonomy), Cryptachaea zonensis (Taxonomy), Exalbidion (Taxonomy), Exalbidion barroanum (Taxonomy), Exalbidion dotanum (Taxonomy), Exalbidion rufipunctum (Taxonomy), Exalbidion sexmaculatum (Taxonomy), Hentziectypus (Taxonomy), Hentziectypus apex (Taxonomy), Hentziectypus florendidus (Taxonomy), Hentziectypus florens (Taxonomy), Nihonhimea (Taxonomy), Nihonhimea tesselata (Taxonomy), Parasteatoda (Taxonomy), Parasteatoda nigrovittata (Taxonomy), Platnickina (Taxonomy), Platnickina mneon (Taxonomy), Theridion (Taxonomy), Theridion adjacens (Taxonomy), Theridion akme (Taxonomy), Theridion akron (Taxonomy), Theridion albulum (Taxonomy), Theridion artum (Taxonomy), Theridion biolleyi (Taxonomy), Theridion cavipalpe (Taxonomy), Theridion centrum (Taxonomy), Theridion chiriqui (Taxonomy), Theridion dilucidum (Taxonomy), Theridion elisabethae (Taxonomy), Theridion evexum (Taxonomy), Theridion excavatum (Taxonomy), Theridion galerum (Taxonomy), Theridion grecia (Taxonomy), Theridion hispidum (Taxonomy), Theridion hondurense (Taxonomy), Theridion metabolum (Taxonomy), Theridion minutissimum (Taxonomy), Theridion niveum (Taxonomy), Theridion nudum (Taxonomy), Theridion omiltemi (Taxonomy), Theridion resum (Taxonomy), Theridion styligerum (Taxonomy), Theridion trepidum (Taxonomy), Theridion tristani (Taxonomy), Theridion turrialba (Taxonomy), Theridion valleculum (Taxonomy), Theridion vulvum (Taxonomy), Thymoites (Taxonomy), Thymoites bogus (Taxonomy), Thymoites boquete (Taxonomy), Thymoites caracasanus (Taxonomy), Thymoites chickeringi (Taxonomy), Thymoites confraternus (Taxonomy), Thymoites delicatulus (Taxonomy), Thymoites illudens (Taxonomy), Thymoites indicatus (Taxonomy), Thymoites luculentus (Taxonomy), Thymoites maderae (Taxonomy), Thymoites missionensis (Taxonomy), Thymoites notabilis (Taxonomy), Thymoites prolatus (Taxonomy), Thymoites reservatus (Taxonomy), Thymoites stylifrons (Taxonomy), Thymoites vivus (Taxonomy), Wamba (Taxonomy), Wamba congener (Taxonomy), Wamba crispulus (Taxonomy), Wamba panamensis (Taxonomy)
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