Delimitation and description of 19 new genera, a subgenus and a species of Salticidae (Araneae) of the world

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2016
Authors:J. Prószyński
Date Published:May-26-2016
ISSN:2336-9744, 2337-0173

19 new genera, one new subgenus and one new species of salticid spider are delimited and described. These are: Logunyllus gen. n., Marusyllus gen. n., Myrmage gen. n., Myrmagua gen. n., Myrmanu gen. n., Myrmapana gen. n., Myrmapeni gen. n., Myrmaplata gen. n., Myrmatheca gen. n., Myrmavola gen. n., Myrmele gen. n., Nandicius gen. n., Nepalicius gen. n., Okinawicius gen. n., Orienticius gen. n., Psenuc gen. n., Rudakius gen. n., Sittipub gen. n., Toxeus gen. reinstated. New subgenus Pellenes (Pellap) Prószyński, 2015 subgen. n. is also delimited. One misidentified species is renamed, Myrmavola yamasakii Prószyński, 2016 sp. n., and described as new species. I propose to consider name Helicius kimjoopili Kim, 1995 a “nomen dubium”. Following synonyms are rejected and species reinstated to their current combinations: Tasa koreana Suguro & Yahata, 2014 (female) = Nepalicius koreanus (Wesolowska, 1981) comb. n., Tasa koreana Suguro & Yahata, 2014 (male) = Tasa nipponica Bohdanowicz & Prószynski, 1987, Pseudicius tokaraensis Suguro & Yahata, 2014 (male) = Nepalicius koreanus (Wesolowska, 1981) comb. n., Pseudicius tokaraensis Suguro & Yahata, 2014 (female 1) = Okinawicius okinawaensis (Prószyński, 1992) comb. n., Pseudicius tokaraensis Suguro & Yahata, 2014 (female 2) = Okinawicius tokaraensis (Bohdanowicz & Prószyński, 1987) comb. n. Also American Pseudicius siticulosus Peckham & Peckham, 1909 = Metaphidippus [?] siticulosus (Peckham, Peckham, 1909) comb. n., Myrmarachne paludosa (Simon, 1900) = Panachraesta paludosa Simon, 1900. I confirm hereby original genus placement of Emertonius exasperans Peckham & Peckham, 1892, as seconded by Prószyński & Deeleman-Reinhold, 2010: 164-167, 169-17, but disregarded by World Spider Catalog, ver. 2016. [Species Author correction Yllenus arenarius Simon*, 1868 (see footnote on page 29).]

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