Phalangids from Central America and the West Indies

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1942
Authors:C. J. Goodnight, Goodnight M. L.
Journal:American Museum Novitates

The writers have had the opportunity of examining a considerable collection of phalangids from Central America and the West Indies. A number of new species and several new genera were discovered. The Gonyleptidae is poorly represented in the North American fauna, species having been previously recorded only from Panama. In this study, three more gonyleptids were encountered and further increase our knowledge of the northern ranges of this group. A number of new species of Phalangodidae were found and indicate the diversity of this group in an area which has been somewhat neglected.

The greatest number and variety of species were found in the Cosmetidae which apparently reach their stage of greatest development in this area. The writers are again indebted to Dr. F.E.Lutz for the fine collecting he did throughout the West Indies. Other collectors have also contributed, and they are acknowledged after the description of the species. Thanks are also due to Dr. W.J. Gertsch for permitting the writers to examine the colection. All holotypes and paratypes are deposited in the collection of The American Museum of Natural History.

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